SJK Architects is an award winning firm that has accrued considerable Indian and International acclaim. It is a multi-disciplinary practice encompassing master planning, architecture, and interior design. The nature of the practice has been to use the sun and the wind to our advantage to craft environments that are ecologically sound and naturally beautiful. We have worked across India in the areas of education, hospitality, corporate offices and cultural buildings, developing unique identities based on the historical legacy of the area as well as the climatic situation. This translates, to buildings that sit naturally in their environments rather than mechanized boxes that alienate people and their culture.

Our use of contemporary innovations that draw from Indian traditions has won us the World Architecture Festival Prize in 2012, the Futurarc Green Leadership Award (Singapore), the E+D C & Tucker awards (USA), the ArcVision Award (Italy), Prix Versailles Award (for Architecture & Interiors) in 2016, The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture & Design in 2016 and several National awards from the Indian Institute of Architects, as well as Indian Institute of Interior Designers.

The Principal Architect Shimul Javeri Kadri leads the design process along with Design Directors, Vaishali Shankar, Sarika Shetty and Roshni Kshirsagar.






Various Jain monks and merchants propagated Jainism through interactions with rulers of different kingdoms throughout 11-16th century. Gallery 4 - Jain history of the Koba Jain museum displays a collection of artefacts that speak of those interactions.


The exhibition design draws from the unique architecture of each kingdom. The first section - Acharya Hemchandra and King Kumarpal of the Chalukya dynasty - features a jali wall inspired by the patterns at Patan and the various temples built by the ruler. The cusped arches of the Rajput empire, the simple semicircular arches - monastic in nature, the pointed arches of the Mughal empire; Arches - prevalent and uniquely manifested in each kingdom - become a recurring feature throughout the gallery.


The Artefacts of the last section - Acharya Heersuri and Emperor Akbar - are displayed in a double height volume with walls matching the tone of the Agra stone, reminiscent of the interactions between the jain monk and emperor that happened in a Mughal darbar.


We received the Nagpur Office project with a simple brief- to create a design centred around social gathering spaces and green pockets. 

With a brief of this nature and reasonable building by-laws, we have been able to add balconies, deep projecting terraces- promoting outdoor spills while simultaneously shading the facade from the hot climate. The North, which remains well shaded through the year and forms the front face of the building, has been carved in to create a courtyard with an amphitheater at its base, and small projecting meeting rooms and pocket terraces on the floors above.


jali 6.jpg



Taneira from the house of Titan is a store that offers an ode to India’s rich heritage- The Sari & its various manifestations, The Artisans & Craftsman and the Women of India.

We conceived the brand identity of the first 2 stores, both in Bangalore, both completely different formats-

The Villa modelThe display typology in this model has fewer fixed modules and largely loose prototypes crafted with wood and brass adding another dimension of handmade craft.

The High-street model- handles the ever necessary flexibility through a series of well defined “Grid” that allows this versatile garment to be displayed in various forms apart from just stacking or hanging.


We at SJK Architects believe that design is a product of collaboration with crafts. 


We are in a process of developing a concrete product line, showcasing our brilliant craftsman, Vijay Sakpal. With rigorous prototyping, palette selection and dexterous workmanship, Vijay is finessing the craft of concrete. 


Watch this space for more...


Making of the Hotel at Bodhgaya

Webinar with Acedge- Moderated by Gita Balakrishnan

Design and execution of a project is like a complex symphony – it takes a whole orchestra of professionals and stakeholders- clients, consultants, contractors, vendors, artisans and workers, playing in unison and harmony to put it together.  At times one instrument is heard louder than the others, but without each one playing their part, the symphony will be incomplete.

The making of one recent project, the Hotel at Bodhgaya, the place where Buddha attained enlightenment, was a typical journey with highs and lows, where the energy of collaboration helped fulfil a shared vision of a lyrical design that draws from ‘memory’ of the rich historical architecture of the place and ‘emotions’ of simplicity, compassion and serenity of Buddhism, to meet the practical demands of a hotel.

Principal Architect Shimul Javeri Kadri will elucidate on the design process along with Design Directors Vaishali Shankar, Roshni Kshirsagar and Senior Architect Bhavin Patel. They will unveil the symphony of multiple players for a recent project- Hotel at Bodhgaya.

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