SJK Architects is an award winning firm that has accrued considerable Indian and International acclaim. It is a multi-disciplinary practice encompassing master planning, architecture, and interior design. The nature of the practice has been to use the sun and the wind to our advantage to craft environments that are ecologically sound and naturally beautiful. We have worked across India in the areas of education, hospitality, corporate offices and cultural buildings, developing unique identities based on the historical legacy of the area as well as the climatic situation. This translates, to buildings that sit naturally in their environments rather than mechanized boxes that alienate people and their culture.

Our use of contemporary innovations that draw from Indian traditions has won us the World Architecture Festival Prize in 2012, the Futurarc Green Leadership Award (Singapore), the E+D C & Tucker awards (USA), the ArcVision Award (Italy), Prix Versailles Award (for Architecture & Interiors) in 2016, The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture & Design in 2016 and several National awards from the Indian Institute of Architects, as well as Indian Institute of Interior Designers.

The Principal Architect Shimul Javeri Kadri leads the design process along with Design Directors, Vaishali Shankar, Sarika Shetty and Roshni Kshirsagar.





Chennai is hot, dusty and mosquito ridden – said Viju Mahtaney in his brief for
luxury apartments in the posh Boat Club road neighbourhood. A testament to
urbanization in India today. Chennai has a river that is clogged with sewage that
breeds mosquitoes. Traffic and construction creates unending dust and pollution
- and buzzing entrepreneurship needs neighbourhoods like Boat Club Road to
attract the talent and investment that churns the wheels of the city.

For an architectural practice that thrives on the sun and the wind and people’s
relationship to nature, we reflected on how we would create homes that would
connect people – to nature, to themselves and to each other while blocking out
heat and dust and malaria!

A strategy for nurturing life and love inside the four homes, generated a building.
- with a façade that playfully engages with the streets around it. The dancing
windows and surprise balconies follow the logic of engagement , with light and
wind and people while complying with the Rules! The resolved Rubix cube is
occupied and alive!


Bolstered by really fun hand-drawn sketches, the blog shares tips on creating thriving post covid schools through tried, tested and proven methodologies used in some past projects being reimagined here as joyful schools!




We at SJK Architects believe that design is a product of collaboration with crafts. 


We are in a process of developing a concrete product line, showcasing our brilliant craftsman, Vijay Sakpal. With rigorous prototyping, palette selection and dexterous workmanship, Vijay is finessing the craft of concrete. 


Watch this space for more...

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