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Yamini, Ishanya Mall Pune
Yamini, Ishanya Mall Pune
Yamini, Ishanya Mall Pune
Yamini, Ishanya Mall Pune
Store Interior Design
Retail Interior Design
Retail Store Design

Yamini at Ishanya Mall, Pune

Interior design for Yamini’s home stores

PROJECT AREA:  1435 sq.ft. |  Completed June '07


The new retailing for Yamini at Ishanya aims to draw out the identity of the brand and its aspirations. The design response was two-fold: first to develop the concept of a “wrap” in a way that it transformed itself into a canvas for the display of different products in different ways at different times. This was driven by the fact that the focus was mainly on display rather than stacking of merchandise, which includes fabrics and related finished products. Second was to develop this particular outlet as a pilot project whose processes and resolution could be used as a model for forthcoming showrooms of the brand. This also marks a departure in the design strategy of the previous outlets as the interior space has an architectural spatial quality, wherein elements are designed as a skeleton to receive user-specific additions.


The rhomboid site that was clear of any structural obstructions, left the space completely free for sculptural insertions. The latter took the form of the mentioned wrap in plan that was detailed almost as an open grid with three focus areas  - Bed, Dining and Bath. Inspired by the fluidity of fabric and the Mobius strip, the wrap allowed for a changing methodology of exhibiting the products. It is flexible – the entire form gently curves producing variations in height across its length, and provides a framework on the basis of which the extended merchandise range and the various product mixes could be displayed, while remaining a neutral base for the colourful displays.


The wrap modulates itself to produce various types of devices for display, products either hang off it or shelves project from it or the gaps between the rods are utilised as means for showcase. The success of the wrap lies in the simplicity of its structure, a grid formed by horizontal metal rods of varying diameters, which are supported by vertical ones at intervals. The overall impact is of set music piece, where each variation, each dip and rise is well thought of and it all comes together to form a coherent whole.