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Homes in Mumbai

The Urban House

Architecture & interior design of a bungalow, Mumbai

PROJECT AREA: 4,700 Sq.ft. | Completed Nov '04


The regulations governing built up area on these bungalow plots at Royal Palms, Goregaon, allowed for an FSI of less than 0.25.  Our brief some spoken, some unspoken, was to build a very open, very earthy home, a sheltered part of the green environment of a lake, golf course and a national park beyond – with little “ superfluous area” to build with, we have attempted to  build a “ contemporary Indian” glass box with all the architectural devices necessary to open the box completely to let the elements in.
The wooden louvers on the staircase facade open with the movement of one horizontal rod.  The 10’-0” high sliding glass doors all through the house were made possible after exploring  many  hardware  stores.   The curved roof with country  tiles  for insulation offsets  our  orthogonal  glass box.   The detailing of saw-cut wood doors, railings  and natural floors, brings the glass box to earth, to India, and to the warmth of a home.


Featured in Inside Outside
Featured in Inside Outside

Nov '05

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A section through the house and surrounding landscape