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Thai Me Up

Architectural restoration and interiors for a restaurant

PROJECT AREA:  3,000 Sq.ft.  |   Completed June '99


We had no view to emphasise – a difficult run down location and a cramped, narrow site of 3000 sq. ft., spread over three floors. The challenge was to enhance the character of this rather whimsical structure and breathe life into it as a place for fine dining. Each floor has been imbibed with its own distinct character, akin to a Thai house on stilts. The top floor alludes to the verandah in the night sky complete with the illusion of soft dark blue walls and old world railings. While the middle floor, uses quaint windows, forming cozy corners. The prototype of this building at Lamington road, in the old Mumbai of house gullies (2-3’ wide service streets between buildings), old wooden and steel structures resurrected uncaringly by government repair services, posed an immense challenge in terms of accommodation of services, and simply repairing and recreating for an upmarket activity.