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03_exterior view from south
04_cafe view from the entrance
02_first floor corridor
01_ground floor registration corridor
05_cafe terrace
architecture model photography
rural community hospital design
JSW Rural Hospital Elevation sketch

Rural community hospital 

Architecture for a hospital in Dolvi village, Alibaug


PROJECT AREA:   1,30,000 sq.ft    |    117 beds    |    Ongoing

In the context of Alibaug & Dolvi village, where large overhangs & sloping roofs protect against the intense monsoon, where outdoor spaces like courtyards, verandahs & balconies are widely used in this sea-side climate; using natural light & ventilation, expressing compassion, wellness & beauty, is a 117 bedded multi-speciality hospital built for the people of this region, over phases on a 5 acre land, off the Mumbai-Goa highway. A steel plant has been acquired to create a hospital that is appropriate climatically and culturally and accessible for it’s rural community.

Hospitals have never been pleasant or attractive – particularly fear-based white and sterile spaces that do not speak to the most powerful part of us – our minds and our emotions. The Dolvi Hospital is nestled amid trees and greenery, shaded by balconies and terraces, spaces for people to recover and nurture each other.