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School Design Layout
Stepwell School
School around Stepwell
Rammed Earth School

Residential School in Gujarat

Master Planning and Architecture of a school near Ahmedabad, Gujarat

PROJECT AREA:  1.5lakh sq.ft.  |   Proposed

This is a residential school for children from 7 to 17 years of age.  Working with the harsh sun and dry climate near Ahmedabad, Gujarat, we created the classrooms and academic block around a subterranean pool or kund. Inspired by the ancient stepwells of Gujarat, the classrooms overlook the waterbody and are cooled by the air passing over the water. The subterranean levels house the laboratories and quiet spaces. The stepwell also serves as a community and gathering space for musical performances and school functions. The excavated mud from the kund is used to create rammed earth walls for the structure thereby ensuring a 7 to 10 degree difference between the inside and outside temperatures. The school campus has been designed to allow the pupils to commune with nature as they pursue their daily activities.