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Orra Diamonds
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Aces of Space '11


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IID National Award '11


November 2009

Featured in Inside Outside


Orra Diamond's flagship store

Storyboard by SJK Architects

Orra  - A Flagship Store

A Retail Identity for the interiors of Orra, a diamond showroom

PROJECT AREA:  Delhi - 2300 Sq.ft., Hyderabad - 1,500 sq.ft., Mumbai - 1,200 sq.ft.  |   From April '08 to March '13



The mystery of the diamond – emerging sparkling & flawless out of the blackness of coal – is what Orra at South X has attempted to capture. The store is a shift from Orra’s evolving brand identity, which emphasizes the facets of the diamond and the European heritage of the brand in its flagship store at Mumbai.


At South Ex, with the opportunity to use the vertical façade of the building amidst the cacophony of images & brands, we chose to commence the “mystery” at the façade level. The “silent” black glass façade with the twinkle of lights shining through is actually a glimpse of the story within and a direct antithesis to the surrounding environment. The story continues on the inside with an all black environment highlighting the diamond jewellery. The drama of the 12’ high mirrors and the swirling trees is a setting created to enjoy the luxury of fine jewellery in an aura of romance and mystery.


The suspended staircase, already part of Orra’s brand identity is at its best here in the 3 level  space, lit selectively to continue the enigma of the design. Lighting diamonds, reflective mirrors and black surfaces was a challenge. The wall display was particularly tricky considering the reflectivity of the glass shutters. The Austrian track LED”s used have been an effective solution.


Within the all black store with silver highlights, the use of the logo as a screen, textured black wallpaper and textured black brocade fabric work to provide subtle richness of texture. Large graphics  - all-black backdrops complement the store and product. Space, brandings, graphics and materials have all been closely orchestrated to generate the rich, textured silence in which diamonds glow.