Nirvana Films Office
Films office design Bangalore
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Nirvana Films, Bangalore
Nirvana Films, Bangalore
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A Short Film by Nirvana Films

Office for a Production Studio

Architecture and Interior design for Nirvana films' studio,

Bangalore, Karnataka

PROJECT AREA:  8000 Sq.ft.  |   Completed April '11


Nirvana is an office space for an ad film production company.  A film production firm that thinks out of the box.  Their films are a surprise – an unexplored humane perspective on a product. Their workspace is based on the thought that the connection of synapses creates ideas – not privacy or isolation.


The “box” for Nirvana emerged, as with all urban buildings, out of a small corner plot in the heart of the busy neighbourhood of Indiranagar in Bangalore.  Optimising space, site setbacks, allowable FSI for a commercial project, are given, in gaining 8000 sq.ft of built up area on a site of 3000 sq.ft.

However, this project explores the possibilities inherent in a commercial building despite the constraints of real estate.  The resulting urban typology overturns all norms – using almost NO electricity – for light or ventilation. The Core of this box is the N-S connector staircase that slices through the building with a huge skylight above, suffusing it with sunlight and natural ventilation much like a courtyard would in another typology.


The studied lightness of structure and material – no beams, and three materials – wood, concrete and glass produces a building where light and shadow, thought and interaction become the protagonists. A contemporary building that ignores any “isms” and stands for innovation, sustainability and pluralism (all stylistic features co-exist – classical chairs, kitschy graphics, old world windows).