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Architecture model detail
House architecture at Nagpur
Jali and balcony model

Family Home at Nagpur

PROJECT AREA:  16,500 Sq.ft.  |   On-going


The Nagpur house reinterprets the idea of a ‘haveli’ to adapt to an urban, contemporary circumstance. Designed for a traditional Indian, close-knit joint family that loves spending time with each other, the emphasis is to ensure a variety of semi-open and enclosed common spaces that encourage a sense of togetherness and community, spaces that can help hold a large family together. 

Available ground area coverage led to a G+4 storied structure, at the physical and symbolic heart of which is a ‘chowk’ that brings in light and connects different levels and spaces. The skylight above the ‘chowk’ is a ‘jali’ – crafted in wood with traditional motifs, it will help diffuse the harsh Nagpur sun in the summer months; the motifs forming ever changing shadow patterns on the walls and floor of the ‘chowk’ with the movement of the sun. The jali’s protect the verandah’s and jharokha’s of the bedroom’s.

The aesthetic that emerges is both contemporary as well as seeped in tradition and aptly represents this family, navigating 21st century India with much celebration of 3 generations living together.