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Terracotta vault
Courtyard Design in a workshop
Design of courtyard in a factory
Factory elevation design
Textile Factory Design
Stone elevation design for factory
Sustainable architecture
Factory design layout
Construction of factory
Textile industries of India
Factory interior design

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A Crafted Factory

Storyboard by SJK Architects



Tucker Award '06



IIA Award '05

The Crafted Workspace

Craft and sustainability in the architecture for a factory at Karur, Tamil Nadu

PROJECT AREA:  30,000 Sq.ft.  |   Completed Aug '04


Synergy lifestyles wanted us to build a comfortable environment for their factory workers. Our need to create a cocoon which would protect the micro environment within from the harsh environmental conditions outside like heat and glare helped us derive our basic architectural shell structure that would be a joy to work in inspite of the hot and dry climate. We studied the local architecture and climate, and developed a building that is linked with courtyards, small and big, and passive energy saving building technologies.


We discovered that this little town had an interesting history of gable walls, a local stone quarry and many other traditions of country-wood joinery for doors, an entire village that specializes in metal hardware for locks and hinges, etc.  Even the flooring, the terracotta cement tiles, come from the local Chettinad area, as did the wonderful carved wooden main door.


The attempt has been to build locally for a global context, using local materials, labour and technology, to create a building that is very much part of a global market, functionally and aesthetically.  However, our ultimate payback has been the end user’s response wherein. “The production has risen two-fold” !