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JSW Visitor's Centre

Conceptual Architectural Design of a visitor’s centre to introduce Hampi, Karnataka

PROJECT AREA: 24,000 Sq.ft. | Design competition


A site that is the essence of Hampi – the Tungabhadra river in the background, boulders, coconut, and banana plantations in the foreground and the jewel in the crown – a 15th century Shiva temple – the Soumya Someshwar temple on the far corner of the site.
Our design for a visitor’s centre to orient people to the architecture of Hampi, before they encountered the temple on the site, was a thought – provoking exercises. The design uses no cement or steel – only natural stone, wood, banana fiber and coconut fronds. The plan is a series of open pavilions gently leading towards the temple. The centre is thus a journey –of acquaintance & learning, surrounded by the famous Hampi landscape, with the overhangs of the pavilions capable of shutting the pavilion down at night – safe from dusty winds & animals. 




JSW Visitor's Centre
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