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Mumbai Heritage Buildings
Restoration of heritage building
Jiji House Heritage Building
Heritage Building restoration Mumbai
Entrance Porch design
Heritage Building Mumbai
Restoration of Heritage Building
Restoration of Heritage Building
Restoration of Heritage Building
Restoration of Heritage Building
Heritage Building Mumbai
Heritage Building Mumbai

Jiji House Building Restoration

Complete restorations works for a heritage bulding, Fort , Mumbai

PROJECT AREA:  20,000 Sq.ft.  |   Completed 2013


The attitude towards creating a functional 21st century office in a late 19th century store building, was to use sleek contemporary lines and details to enhance the old world architecture. Balconies, railings and arches were restored to their original use, character and glory. The plan used skewed glass sheets to create individual cabins. The skew moves between columns and balconies to allow optimum use of the space, and permit the use of the balconies in their original manner. Junctions are emphasized, like punctuation marks, with wooden folds and copper detailing. The crux was to work out a ceiling with lighting and air-conditioning that retained the character of the high ceiling space, and complemented the skewed glass cabins.


Plan of the office layout

Exterior of the building before restoration

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