SJK Architects is a firm that has spent the last twenty years designing environments that are rooted in the earth – using the sun, the wind and nature to create spaces that are suffused with light and contemporary innovations that draw from Indian traditions and spiritual metaphors.



Celebrating the power of human skill


Drawing from the wisdom of human history


Optimising the sun, wind & rain


Engaging with the thoughts and technologies of today


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Shimul Javeri Kadri

Shimul Javeri Kadri - Principal Architect


Shimul Javeri Kadri founded and nurtured SJK Architects towards its current avatar as a firm that values culture and climate and builds gently in the context.


A woman with a mission she uses her 5 foot nothing frame to pursue her causes - building naturally and lightly , and supporting equality through education and feminism.


The added responsibilities as an occasional writer, jurist, speaker and teacher are the outcome of her overwhelming desire to present, engage and discuss her passions and concerns of 27 years of practice!

Vaishali Shankar - Associate Architect


Vaishali leads by example. Her strong technical skills and her drive for perfection are a significant part of the DNA of SJK Architects.

She joined the firm soon after a research programme at IIT-Mumbai on climate and energy conscious architecture, a subject that she is deeply passionate about, and believes that ‘Architecture, like Man, must gently tread the Earth,……. for the Earth endures’. A strong pillar of the organization, the success and learning from executing a wide array of projects at SJK has allowed her to hone her interest and skill at energy conscious architecture.


Engaging with diverse range of projects, she has worked on the architectural design and execution of large educational school and college buildings as well as the overall master planning of the campus, furthering issues like water management systems. A big challenge on these projects was also a modest budget. Another landmark project was the Karur factory, where entire vaults were constructed with mud hollow blocks for insulation. Recently treading into Hospitality, where she has completed a Hotel at Rajkot, and is commencing one at Bodhgaya, Vaishali has shown her flair for a systems approach to design where team work, detailing and budgets ensure the success of good design.


In sharp contrast to large institutional projects, she has also worked on several high end commercial projects. The design of a diamond - inspired showroom for a jewelry brand or the design and detailing of a ‘weave’ - inspired screen for Synergy lifestyle portray her love for detail.


Vaishali Shankar
Sarika Shetty

Sarika Shetty - Associate Architect

Sarika is an indispensable pillar of the firm for over 15 years and brings rigour, passion, incredible energy and experience to the table. 


Her passion, dedication and constant endeavour to improve, be it design, minutest details, specifications or maintain a high quality execution at every stage, is infectious and drives the team. 


She is able to find positives in almost everything she comes across on her day to day experiences, this makes her an acute observer and explorer.


There is always something to learn and pick up from the simplest of conversations with her. 


Her constant quest for learning and exploring has made her a bird watching enthusiast and now site visits with her are even more fun!


She is deeply concerned about the environment, loves Indian history and balances her work life and passions with a bright and curious 9 year old daughter.


Roshni Kshirsagar - Interior Designer


An interior designer by qualification, Roshni has been with SJK Architects since Jan 2007.

She has had a wide range of experience handling various hospitality, retail and commercial interior projects. Large or small she is able to drive projects with a great deal of panache. The diversity of projects that she has handled has given her a wide perspective towards the process of design, execution and interpersonal relationships.

Roshni finds the ideology and approach of the firm towards each project inspiring. She is also an extremely dynamic designer and keeps the office abreast with all the current international design flavors!

Being an Interior Designer, Roshni adds a ‘finer’ dimension and style to all the interior projects, ensuring extremely well finished and accessorized spaces that are completely in-sync with the architectural ethos of the space.

Roshni Kshirsagar

Bhavin Patel - Architect


Bhavin graduated from Sir J.J college of architecture in April 2013. He joined in March 2016 and has been working on projects at Latur and Alibaug in Maharashtra. Previously, he worked at Christopher Charles Benninger architects for a period of 3 years.


His design sensibilities arise from a deep love for architecture and an inherent knowledge of structures. He believes that a building is not only about the end users satisfaction but also its symbiotic relationships with its immediate surroundings. Bhavin prefers to learn and play with architecture, exploring the possibilities with utmost concern for the practical output.


It is this attitude that has helped him carve a niche for himself in SJK architects. Bhavin finds immense inspiration in music and his day hardly ends without singing and playing guitar to his favorite songs. He also believes that a happy mood combined with good music could lead to better designs. Being less of a reader and more of an observer, he tends to learn from everything around him.

Arunima Dubey - Architect

Even as an intern at our office, Arunima showed great promise. Now as an architect, she is growing at a rapid pace. 
She chooses sketches as a medium to explore and resolve design. Her well proportioned and neat sketches help the entire team get clarity on design.

Arunima is adept at Sketch-up as well, and has been a key player through the concept design stages of a couple of projects.

She comes across as a quiet, level headed, patient person who does not hesitate to express her mind freely at times.She is passionate about sketching and singing out loud which she strongly believes contributes to designing, as well as creating a great working environment.   

Arunima Dubey
Shamika Desai

Shamika Desai - Architect

Shamika joined SJK soon after graduating from BSSA. Her love for intrinsic detail, process and approach that the firm has towards each project brought her here.


She brings with her a refined aesthetic and has painted various wall murals across Mumbai. She enjoys abstracting and re-interpreting her everyday observations in the form of drawings, and exploring the intersection of architecture and illustration through them.


She is currently a part of a team working on a Pan-Indian saree store, trying to integrate the ideas of contemporary and crafted through its architecture. 

Priyata Bosamia - Architect


Priyata graduated from Balwant Sheth School of Architecture in 2017 after having completed her thesis dissertation titled “Architecture as an experience”, reviving and recreating the experience of a dwindling bazaar in Mumbai.

She has an eye for details and is an extremely curious learner.  Her warm nature and sharp understanding make her a great team player. She believes that collaborations bring the best out of people and enjoys working on group projects.

Passionate about Indian arts and crafts Priyata is working towards creating products experimenting with Indian textiles. When not at the studio, you may spot her at an art gallery or engrossed in a book. She is motivated to achieve a creative and healthy life and works towards it.


Priyata Bosamia
Riddhi Shah

Riddhi Shah- Architect

Riddhi's search to mould an architecture that is minimal yet faceted, and contemporary yet rooted, is what brought her to SJK Architects. She puts her heart and soul into everything that she does, which gets reflected in her work. 

Working with immense focus, unceasing patience and melancholy temperament, are her innate strengths that make her a valuable team mate. A deeply spiritual and philosophical person at heart, she strives to strike a balance between her family life and career. 

Sapna Rohra- Architect


Sapna joined SJK in 2018, after having worked on multiple architectural competitions, an art and photography museum in Bangalore and residential projects. Her interest in the role of architecture as a mediator between its users and the urban fabric is what brought her here.


Currently working on a museum for jain heritage in Gujarat, she takes on design challenges with a lot of clarity in thoughts, unrivalled vigour and positivity, with a firm belief in practical learnings. Often seen involved in healthy discussions with her co workers, she is strongly opinionated and does not shy away from expressing her thoughts freely.


Sapna Rohra

Manish Malli- Architect

Manish joined us as an intern in 2016 and made his way back into our office right after he completed his graduation from Rachana Sansad's Academy of Architecture. He has a very endearing and friendly quality that make him an affable teammate. 

He is known to be a determined go-getter. Along with his penchant for innovative design, he has a keen interest in architectural photography. He has been honing his skills to express his love for both architecture and photography by shooting the built environment and structures in his free time.

Harshini Yohee- Architect


Harshini graduated from RV College of Architecture, Bangalore in 2016. She joined SJK in 2018 after working on various residential and healthcare projects in a Bangalore based firm.

She likes to travel and capture moments by experimenting with her photography. Her explorative attitude makes her open to try new things.

She has a quiet, observant and a friendly persona whose focus cannot be disturbed, displaying her sincere and hardworking nature. Her grasping abilities along with fast adaptation to change makes her an efficient member.

Harshini Yohee
Clinton Mendonca

Clinton Mendonca - Architect

Clinton studied in L.S. Raheja School of Architecture and graduated in 2015. He is working on designing an exhibition / retail space that is envisioned to promote the craftsmanship of local artisans around India. 

Believing that architecture is as effective and efficient as the knowledge possessed by the architect, he is in constant search to acquire proficiency in the varied aspects of the field. Along with architecture, he is passionate about reading high-fantasy fiction, graphic and product design, technology, music, theatre, and is always eager for the opportunity of exploration and experimentation in the diverse facets of design.

Aparna Kale- Architect

Aparna graduated from L.S Raheja School of Architecture in 2015 and pursued her Masters in Design at CEPT University, Ahmedabad. She joined SJK in June, 2018, and has been working on a hospitality project in Bodh Gaya. 

She has explored working in diverse practices earlier, such as an internship at a landscape, urban design and sustainability firm, followed by working at a space, graphic and product design studio. It is her love for contextual, humane and integrated craft practice that brings her to SJK.

Aparna Kale
Mansi Joshi

Mansi Joshi - Interior Designer

Mansi joined our office in early 2019 following her graduation from Vadodara. She believes that the process leading to any design decision is the most important and enjoyable phase of a project. Thus, a patient listener, she strives to engage in discussions that explore varying concepts and ideologies.


Her optimistic and approachable nature make her a good fit for the team. While her other interests lie in books, films and travel, it's the aesthetic and social backdrops of these that fascinate her the most and serve as a catalyst to her creativity. 

Samruddhi Naik- Technical & Admin lead


Samruddhi came to SJK Architects in Aug 2004, from Bangalore where she was part of our structural consultant’s team, with a stellar recommendation from them!


Already trained in a similar background, Samruddhi provides great technical and administrative support to the architects.

She plays a major role in preparation and floating of all civil and interior tenders. She also handles other aspects of the project like preparation of Bill Certification, assists in Project Costing, Preparation of Work and Purchase orders.

Samruddhi is a multi-tasker and efficient troubleshooter ensuring that big and small hiccups faced by the office are removed quickly. She also oversees office accounting, cash-flow and billing. Samruddhi is the anchor that helps ensure that the office machinery always works smoothly.


Samruddhi Naik
Rupali Koli

Rupali Koli- Admin Assitant & Front Desk Executive


Rupali joined SJK Architects in July 2013 as an administrative assistant, with no exposure to the architectural profession.


She now plays the role of front desk executive and is the life support for the functioning of the office! An excellent administrator, she is the first point of contact for business guests, consultants and vendors. Rupali juggles the demands of twenty high energy professionals with charm and efficiency.

She has a genuine interest in smoothening lives within her sphere of influence and organizes everything from schedules, travel and meetings to fun office parties, drawing from local restaurants and internet menus to keep us all well fed and happy.

Vijay Sakpal - Model-Maker & Assistant


Vijay joined SJK Architects in June '2004.

Vijay helps arrive at design conclusions by making as many study models as the process requires. The final model is made by Vijay with such dedication and finesse that many designs have won immediate approvals because of the clarity with which the models have conveyed design intents.


Now he also makes terrific 3D computer models and is able to render them in Photoshop, but as an office we favor his physical models over all things virtual. Vijay has a sense of zeal for everything he does and succeeds in infusing the entire office with this feeling. He is also a perfectionist in every little thing that he does.

Vijay Sakpal
Soni Solaia

Soni Solaia - Support Member


Soni has been with SJK Architects since Oct 1999. Soni has been taking very very good care of the entire team and all the guests for many years. Her ever smiling face and helping hand fills you with warmth.


In all her 16 years at SJK Architects, Soni might have taken maybe one day off! Her punctuality and commitment inspire all and she has a special place in SJK Architects!