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SJK Architects - Retail -BE Home
BE Home
SJK Architects - Retail -BE Home
SJK Architects - Retail -BE Home
Retail Store Design

Raymond’s Be Home

Interior design for a Retail Brand

PROJECT AREA:  Mumbai, Delhi, Pune - 1000-2500 sq.ft. |   From May '08 to June '09


The multitude of products – sizes, shapes and materials, makes a HOME store anarchical by nature. Simple shelving and racking cannot be the vocabulary of framework for such diversity in product. This was the rationale for the varying stepped platforms that form the backbone of the design for Be Home’s stores to be punched out through a conventional manualization process across the country. The wood finish steps receding upward in width flow around the stores, complemented by a wooden ceiling grid of connected rafters. The grid carries the lights and a lighter framework of wooden members to permit displays of hanging curtains, runners, cautions etc.