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Ayushakti Ayurvedic Resort
Ayurvedic Resort
Courtyard design
Wellness resort India
Hotel Interior Design
Wellness resort India
Design of courtyard
Health Resort
Health Resort Design
Wellness centre
Wellness centre
Ayushakti Ayurvedic Resort Malad

Ayurvedic Health Resort

Architecture and Interior Design of an Ayurvedic resort in Mumbai

PROJECT AREA:  13,000 Sq.ft.  |   Completed Sept '99


This 5 storey building is located in a crowded polluted suburb of Mumbai, on a narrow 600 sq.m plot of land, hemmed in on all sides by residential buildings.


Within the little building resides a world of ayurveda – a restaurant, boutique, OPD with waiting for a 100 people, treatment rooms, beauty parlour, health club and nursing rooms and a basement auditorium.  The challenge was to build within all the regulations of Mumbai’s D.C. Rules utilising the available FSI of 1.33, and the narrow 16m width of the plot and yet infuse it with light, air, space and above all – joy and peace.  With just 4m side open space on both sides, the building could afford to be only a rectangular box. 

The design depended on the articulation of this box through varied openings, balconies, setbacks and other architectural devices including the traditional Indian “Jharokha” or suspended balcony.  The representation of ayurveda as a contemporary science rooted in Indian tradition is the message the building attempts to portray.  We have attempted to build with nature-architecturally as well as the palette of materials chosen - natural stones, terrazzo seating, colour, light and texture. 

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