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Green Office building

Architecture and Interior design for an eco-friendly office building in Chennai

PROJECT AREA:  50,000 Sq.ft.  |   Completed Aug '06


This building is representative, stylistically and climatically, of an “Indian” architectural ethos.   In the intense heat and dust of Chennai, the first call was to orient the building correctly, such that it catches winds and shields the harsh sunlight.  The red sandstone - like façade holds back the harsh south sun, and shades green terraces at every level, including a courtyard in the center.


We have attempted to create a variety of experiences to work within the simple naturally lit office areas, with coconut & mango trees visible at every turn and tall frosted glass storages that heighten the sense of light & space.

There are semi covered terrace spaces for internal meetings & reflection; spaces between departments, open and lush green – for impromptu meetings, breathers, and sheer joy!! The attempt is to create a building that is spiritually refreshing, uses simple, natural materials, and still has the crisp efficiency of a global business environment. 

South facing elevation of the building