Culturally indigineous
Meticulously detailed
Collaborative and process driven

SJK Architects is a firm that has spent the last twenty years designing environments that are rooted in the earth – using the sun, the wind and nature to create spaces that are suffused with light and contemporary innovations that draw from Indian traditions and spiritual metaphors.

SJK began it’s practice with an ayurvedic resort situated in the dense heart of Mumbai’s crowded urban fabric and moved on to create a body of work that cuts across all sectors. 


From retail Identities for some of India’s greatest success stories like Fabindia and Orra Diamonds to ecologically conscious buildings like a factory in Karur, Tamil Nadu for Synergy Lifestyles to the award winning Nirvana building which won special acclaim at the World Architecture Festival in 2012.


Egalitarian democratic societies, a deep respect for nature and living with it, and a  fundamental belief in people and their connectedness drives our  world view.  This translates, to buildings that sit comfortably and naturally in their environments –  as opposed to mechanized boxes that alienate people and nature.